Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday 9/11 - Inverness to Edinburgh

After the usual hearty Scottish breakfast we loaded up and started on our way towards Edinburgh, where we will finally be able to ditch our unmanageable VW Sharan.

We were basically going due south and passed through many scenic areas and many deer crossing signs but no sightings.

Our next stop was to be at the Scone Palace near Perth, which we found without too much trouble.

The Palace and grounds were very well maintained and of course with a lot of history behind it, some gory of course. It was interesting that the locals were welcoming the rain, since they have not had much rain this year and a drought last year.

The Palace also has the active living quarters at the far end. During the WW11 it was a girls boarding school in the part downstairs, which now houses a store, cafeteria, restrooms etc.

The cafeteria was originally servant's kitchen, we decided to catch lunch before proceeding on to Edinburgh.

We drove across the Firth of Fourth didn't get a good picture of our bridge and none of the gorgeous red RR bridge.

Arrived at Edinburgh airport, had no trouble finding a filling stations and then the rental car return. All the transactions were smooth including getting a can to our residence for the next 2 nights, the B&B, Edinburgh.

This was the residence of John Ritchie Findlay.

He lived next door while this was being built. They also had a house in the country. He campaigned for women to be admitted to the medical school and built substantial housing for his workers right behind the main house.

Upon checking in we found out that Daryl (Adeo Travels) had left 4 tickets to the city bus tour. This was unexpected and very generous, thank you Daryl.

We got our room changed since the first one was a dormer and Sudip kept hitting his head getting out of the bed. The new room was quite spacious, comfortable, and well appointed.

Trish got information from the front desk where to go for authentic Scottish food and chose the Larder. It was an easy walk and it had stopped raining by that time.

The Larder did have great food and even more so, great ice cream. The server Alice was very personable and helpful as well.

We went back to the hotel, briefly discussed the next day's agenda and retired for the night.


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