Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday 9/12 - Edinburgh

Had a leisurely breakfast this morning. The weather doesn't look too bad and certainly much warmer than yesterday.

Our plans for the day, include the Edinburgh Castle and using the site seeing bus tour courtesy of Daryl and Adeo Travels.

We proceeded on to the castle, each view of it as we approached, was grand and looming.

There were free guided tours and we availed of this opportunity. The name of the guide was Ewen and he was full of information and as always enjoyable.

In the grand room we came across James (?) Strachan giving a kilt demonstration. It turned out to be much more than that, it was a lot of history told to us in the typical humorous way. He gave the kilt demonstration on a young lad from Argentina who was a real good sport about it.

We decided to catch lunch before heading into town, and went into the Redcoat Cafe. We all wanted to choose the Jacobites but no such eating place.

The Edinburgh Castle is very impressive and definitely a must see.

At the bottom of the hill was the lonely bagpiper that we all wanted to hear and see. Granted it was not the Highlands but this will do very well.

We walked over to John Knox's house with the help of my GPS and Trish's map. I didn't have any knowledge of him but it is sure interesting history.

We finally found the stop for our City Tour bus after much walking only to realize later that there was a stop right in front of his house.

The city tour proved to be very interesting with impressive historical sites all along the 1 hour loop tour.

Went back to our hotel to rest, catch up on my blog, freshen up.

We had decided to have dinner at the Bonham Restaurant 2 doors down from us. We noticed their menu on the way back and thought it to be interesting.

It turned out to be completely false advertising. They had a very limited menu and were offering a 3 course dinner at €22.5 as the only choice. We left the place rather annoyed and decided to just go to The Larders again.

The food was good but somehow the experience was not as great as last night, perhaps because Alice was not the there the entire time. I ordered a local beer and Alice had recommended the Joker Pale Ale, not a beer drinker but had to try it. I would say once was enough!

Walked back and went to bed early. We leave for Ireland tomorrow with great memories of Scotland, the scenery and specially the people, how wonderful and helpful they were.

I have to mention Adeo Travels and specially Daryl. Adeo was the agency that streamlined our tour and made all the reservation within Scotland. Their planning was superb and basically flawless. The couple of minor problems we had were promptly taken care of by Daryl. I talked with him a couple of times over the phone, he was a delight to talk with and appeared to have a great sense of humor.

Thank you Daryl, we couldn't have done it without your help.


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