Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday 9/10 - Inverness

After a full Scottish breakfast we got ready and left to go on the our Loch Ness Cruise starting from Dochgarroch to Urquahart Castle and back in 2 hours.

The place was easy enough to find although we did overshoot it and had to make a u turn and come back to it as has been the norm on this trip.
The houses along the side had beautiful gardens and flower arrangements.

Our boat came in on time and we boarded quickly. We decided to sit on top until it got too cold and we went downstairs. The lake was very calm and smooth but unfortunately it was drizzly and cloudy and not a good day for picture taking.

It was a pleasant and enjoyable trip nonetheless and as always too short.
Decided to have lunch at the restaurant at the dock, uniquely named Scotland's Real Food.

The food was delicious and the quantities huge. One bowl of soup and bread was enough.

After lunch we proceeded to the Glen Ord Distillery, a little outside of Inverness in the NW direction. As usual reading road signs and asking pedestrians still got us lost but we finally managed to find the place.

It was under renovation, they are doubling their size due to demand. Their whiskey is for export to SE Asia and locally is only available at the distillery.

They gave us what they called a mini tour which was plenty information for all of us. Like the Brewmaster in a Brewery, the distilleries have "Stillman", one who looks after the stills. The tour guide was full of information and fun to listen to as has been our experience with all local guides so far.

We toasted to Kaku's memory, a wonderful man who always made everyone feel better about themselves. Technically he is Sudip's uncle but anyone who has ever come in contact with him, like to claim him as their own. He passed away 9/3/12, may his soul rest in eternal peace.

We then decided to go visit the culloden battlefields this afternoon instead of tomorrow on the way to Edinburgh. This proved to be a great decision weather wise even though we were a bit rushed for time.

I knew nothing about it and learned a lot. It was a disaster to say the least, the Jacobites were no match for the well trained and disciplined British soldiers and were basically massacred. Yet another sad chapter of history.

Came back to the Strome Lodge, freshened up and went to dinner. Ended up at an Italian restaurant, the food was okay but nothing to brag about.


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