Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday 9/9 - Dunvegan to Inverness

Had breakfast and chatted with the ever helpful and friendly Amanda. She told us that she and her mother and her partner owned the hotel/B&B. They are open from April 1 through October 31 and then close up and go back to Wales where she has house. She said she goes for shopping since they have no time during the season.

They then come back in March to get ready for the season starting in April.
I told that her that her directions were superb and she said "I know my Skye".

We left reluctantly and headed towards Inverness with Amanda's assurance that in no way could we lose our way to Inverness.

Went through beautiful scenery, some which we had passed on our way up but looked different fr the opposite direction and in the morning light.

We took the bridge across to the mainland and pretty soon arrived at the shores of Loch Ness. It is a beautiful lake much longer than I expected. The lake has long rows of ripples that can easily be imagined as a live object aka Nessie or her relatives.

Went passed the Eilean Donan Castle, stopped to admire it but decided against going inside.

Stopped at the Loch Ness Inn for lunch. I had Cullen Skink. A delicious smoked haddock chowder followed by the strongest coffee I have ever had.

Proceeded on to Inverness and the task of finding our B&B, this would have been quite impossible without my GPS.

We arrived at the our B&B, the Strome Lodge and was greeted by our smiling hostess Marianne.

It was a beautiful Victorian House, well appointed and with gorgeous rugs from all over the world in every room. The owners had lived in Dubai for 15 years and came back about 10 years back.

It was almost dinner time, our hostess recommended a few restaurants and gave us coupons for free wine at The Mustard Seed. It was a a short walk across the bridge on river Ness and we found the place easily enough. We got a table with a river view even though we did not have reservations.

Our server was Daniel, a young man full of wit and very cordial. The food was fabulous as was the banter exchanged with Daniel. I had the sea bass at Daniel's recommendation and it was definitely a great choice. I really like the ice cream here, and have ice cream just about with every dinner, something I rarely do back home.

We noticed a man fly fishing in the river and that added to the uniqueness of the situation.

Came back to the Strome Lodge, and discussed tomorrow's plans and went to bed tired but happy.


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