Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday 9/13 - Edinburgh to Shannon

We woke up to a cold drizzly morning, got ready and went to breakfast. I decided to skip the sausage and bacon and have the oatmeal and a couple of poached eggs.

The weather was still drizzly and we couldn't decide whether or not to go to the airport early or wait at the hotel.
Fortunately the weather cleared up and we decided to walk to the Princes Street Gardens.

On the way there was a great view of the castle but rather difficult to photograph.

The Princes Garden was beautiful and the flowers were colorful.

We walked around for awhile and made our way back to the hotel, relaxed in the library until it was time to leave for the airport. The taxi arrived right on schedule at 1:00 PM. It was an authentic black taxi which was neat.

We got to the airport around 3 hours ahead of time and found out we couldn't check in for another hour. We went to Costa Coffee, the same place where we had breakfast on the way in.

I had a scrumptious lemon tart with the perfect latte.

Pretty soon it was time to board the aircraft, ATR 72-500 the same type of aircraft as the one we came on. I thought the Pilot's name was Katie Hogan, but there is some dissension amongst us on that.

It was a smooth and uneventful trip with cloud cover under us most of the way. The clouds cleared up as it got closer to Shannon and we could see the emerald green below.

We landed ahead of time, collected our luggage and went to the rental car terminal smoothly and quickly. Our car is a diesel Hyundai, which is so much better than VW we had in Scotland. The luggage fits a little tight but we can manage.

We were on our way soon and following the road signs to Limerick and then following my GPS to the Savoy hotel was a piece of cake. I am beginning to think navigating/driving in Ireland may not turn out to be as harrowing.

Checked in to our hotel, it is very a nice hotel, the availability of free WiFi everywhere in the hotel was definitely a bonus. We freshened up and went to the Hamptons next door for dinner.

Dinner was very unique, the dish names were familiar but all tasted a bit different. I had the French Onion Soup and the Bang Bang Chicken both were excellent, specially the chicken.

It got pretty late so we retired for the night soon after.


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