Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday 9/14 - Limerick to Sligo

Had to get up at 5:45 AM, we have a long drive ahead of us.
Our plans are to drive to Ballybunion, where Trish's great grandfather was born. We will be looking for the cemetery where the old Church was. We might also drive around town time permitting. From there will be driving on to Sligo which will be our stop for tonight.

We left on time and proceeded on to Ballybunion without losing our way. The remains of the Doon Church was easy enough to find but cemetery took a few stops and asking passersby. It was at the south end of town. Trish found some information that would help her get further on her ancestry research.

We stopped at Foynes for lunch, a friendly little village. The weather has held up very well so far. We called for reservation at B&B, and were starting to get panicky as the first 4 said that they had nothing available. Finally found vacancy at a B&B that was quite a bit out of town and rather difficult to get to.

We went passed it and couldn't find it even after further direction by calling the B&B. Finally our hostess Mary Mcgoldrick told us to stay where we are and she came an got us.

She was very pleasant and helpful but appeared distracted.

We discussed tomorrow's route and had to change our mind to go from Ardara to Letterkinny instead of to Dungloe where the only CIE approved B&B didn't have any vacancy.

Mary had a list of recommended restaurants in town but we decided to not go to far and eat the local pub, Molly Fulton instead.

The food was edible but not the greatest, the server had an attitude. In all fairness, Mary had somewhat warned us about it.

Came back tired and retired for the night.

Tomorrow we go to Donegal, Trish and I are both amazed how close we came to it the last time.


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