Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday 9/19 - Drogheda Area

Went in to have breakfast and a pleasant middle aged man served us breakfast and tried to ease things by giving us directions to the various attractions around the area.

He warned us that Newgrange was the most popular tourist attraction and we will run into huge bus loads of tourists if we are there later than 9:30 in the morning.

There wasn't any way that we could be there that quickly so we decided that we will take our chances with the tour buses.

Newgrange is passage tombs from around 4000 BC. It was very intriguing. There is a passage that is aligned in such a way that sun light came in and lit up the passage and the chambers on winter solstice and a couple days round it. The guide gave us a demonstration of this unique phenomenon and it was really neat.

We had a quick lunch at the cafeteria in the visitor's center and went on to our next stop.

We arrived at our next stop the Battle of the Boyne site. This was kind of a disappointment for me but glad we stopped.

On to our next stop Monasterboice. This was a great site with the high crosses. Apparently there are three high crosses and we only saw two. The two that we saw were very impressive.

Our next stop was The Mellifont Abbey, we didn't spend enough time there but there are lots if ruins to investigate.

We then proceeded on to the Meadow View B&B in the town of Navin. This was a beautiful B&B with a helpful and smiling hostess Nora, we all wished that we had stayed here for 2 nights.

This probably is the earliest we checked into a B&B around 4 PM. The proprietress, Nora had tea, biscuit etc laid for us and another family that came in at around the same time.

We chatted with the other family for a bit. They are a family of four from Australia, with two extremely well behaved and personable young boys. The man is originally from Ireland and they live in the suburbs of Sidney now.

Nora recommended the pub down the street, the Round O and we decided to walk to it. It was nice to have a leisurely dinner and still be back by 8:30 PM. The other family was also at the same restaurant. The food was tasty and service friendly. I decided to get a glass of Guinness for my last night, I can't truthfully say I liked it.

Finished packing and went to bed early.


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