Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday 9/20 Dublin - O'Hare - Home.

The B&B was very comfortable, we had a room in the annex. It was well appointed and all the essentials were there.

The only problem I had was being able to connect to WiFi from the annex but the main house is just next door.

Went to the main house to meet up with Dan and Trish and have breakfast. The breakfast was a large spread as always and the coffee really hit the spot.

The family from Australia was just finishing up, they were going to Newgrange this morning. Nora came and chatted with us about the problems we had with the Orley House. I felt she was a bit anxious about what we would say about this place. It would be all good of course, except the weak to non existent WiFi in the annex, but that's just me.

A bit later Jim came to chat, he is a mechanic for the local mine. He mentioned that they use Atlas Copco equipment and it was the largest lead and zinc mine in Europe.

Pretty soon came back to the room and got ready to leave for the airport.

Left the B&B, Jim talked with the road crew in front of the house and helped us make the right turn we needed to make.

Arrived at the airport without any problems and turned our rental car in. We were happy to get rid of it, it was very cheaply built and had way too many little but aggravating problems.

We didn't really have very good luck with our rental cars this time around.

Checked in, went through general security and decided to have Burger King for lunch to put us in the right frame of mind for Chicago.

The WiFi, although flaky is free, so time to catch up with real world.

Boarded the plane, AB 330-300 St. Aiofe on time.

Flight was uneventful and the cabin crew was pleasant. We landed on time at around 6:10 PM.

Went through customs and immigration and got our luggage and hoped to get on the 7:20 Coach USA bus.

The bus came on time but for some unexplained reason it waited 40 mins before letting us get on and get started. We left at around 8:15, got stuck in Kenosha and finally got to the terminal and then drove home.

It sure felt like it took longer to get from Chicago to home than from Dublin to Chicago.

The ending wasn't perfect but it by no means diminishes the fabulous memories of the trip.

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