Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday 9/5 - Dublin - Stirling

Arrived in Dublin at 4:43 AM.

About an hour before landing we got ham and cheese croissant sandwiches but no hot beverages due to lack of time.

Our luggage was checked through to Edinburgh, we had a rather short connection time and a long walk to where our next flight was leaving. We made it without any incidence.

We collected our luggage and walked to the cafe and had a great roll with clotted cream and a great lattĂȘ. I had only read about clotted cream before but after tasting it I now understand what all the commotion is about.

We then walked over to the car rental place, which was quite a distance. We had been upgraded from a Ford Galaxy to VW Sharan, a SUV. This was great for the passengers but very hard to maneuver on the narrow two way streets.

Our first stop was the Falkirk Wheel, an amazing engineering feat. Not having a good idea about it's exact location, we asked at the rental counter. The directions given did not sound right to any of the four of us and we decided to forget those directions and just wing idea.

The signs were very clear and found out without much trouble.

After spending some time analyzing and admiring this "boat lift", we went on to the Antonine Wall or the remains of it.

From there we proceeded to Stirling and on to the Stirling Highland Hotel after asking many people how to get there. The hotel was beautifully renovated old school house half way up the hill to the Stirling Castle.

The service staff was friendly and helpful as well.

We were too early for checking in so we went to find a local restaurant but couldn't find one nearby so decided to come back to the hotel have lunch.

Sudip and I split a chicken fajita and we each had a cup of soup.

Went in to our rooms and while the others rested I tried to catchup on my emails etc. it was nice to have free and dependable WiFi in the rooms

After a while we went out to eat with Trish while Dan decided to stay back and rest.

We walked around for about half an hour admiring the beautiful buildings and checking on restaurants and finally settled on the restaurant Filling Station for dinner.

The food was excellent with enormous portion of everything. We brought back our leftovers for Dan, who had started to feel better by then.

We congregated in our room and planned our route for the next day and Trish posted to the Private Group on Facebook.

Finally called it quits around 10:00 PM or so.

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