Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday 9/7 - Ft. William - Dunvegan

The room was quite cold and I had a rather restless night, waking up freezing, many times during the night.

We packed and came down to breakfast around 8:00 am. Braunwyn, our hostess had taken our breakfast orders the night before and produced our hot breakfast rather quickly.

Then a beautiful full rainbow appeared and just stayed there.

While we were in there, the "Fell Runners", came in for breakfast and were planning their strategy, quite fun to listen in.

We left around 10 for Mallaig to catch the ferry to the Isle of Skye.

The Ferry holds approximately 30 cars, our tickets were part of the reservation, Trish went in to check in while we waited in line for our turn to drive in to the ferry. The ferry boarded systematically and quickly and soon we were on our way.

We got out of the car and sat in the enclosed viewing area, the crossing was very smooth but the cold and drizzle kept us from going out on to the observation deck. The scenery along the way was beautiful, pretty soon we had to get in our cars and wait in line as the ferry docked.

It felt a bit unreal to me that I was in the Isle of Skye, a place that was almost mythical and mystical.

Stopped on the way for lunch at Claymore Restaurant in Broadford. Our server looked very much like Hakim and we wondered if he was from Morocco as well.

We volunteered Trish to ask and it turned out he was from Madrid and of course a Real Madrid fan.

We drove on towards Dunvegan passing through beautiful scenery all around us, lots of sheep and Highland Cow (Hee land Coo).

Arrived at the Donorin House Hotel following our tradition of missing the turn and having to make a U Turn back to it. The hotel is about 3 miles south of the town.

It is very small hotel run by a helpful and smiling family (mother, daughter, and son in law). The hotel appeared newly renovated, the rooms were large and well appointed.

We freshened up and met at the bar, where Amanda (the daughter) explained the dinner and breakfast system to us. We had made reservations at the Stein Inn for the next day, but she said that the roads were narrow and windy and we would have difficulty navigating them after sunset.

We took her advice and asked her to cancel our reservation and make another one at The School House in the town of Dunvegan and to have dinner at the hotel.

Dinner was good and starters (appetizers) were plenty for both Trish and myself.

We were quite full but was tempted by the ice cream with oatmeal, honey, cardamom, and Whiskey. One portion was more than enough to share between two. The ice cream was absolutely delicious.

While at dinner we met a delightful couple that was at the next table, they are from The Outer Hebrides and vacationing in the Skye.

After dinner, planned our trip for the next day and turned in for the night.


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